The ZED Show

The ZED Show

A podcast conversation between Zella, Ezra & Daddy.

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    Episode 46: How the World Works

    We're back! It's just Z and D this time, talking about how the world works, if it's warm in space, the confusing son, and where we want to travel to next. Sponsored by The World.

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    Episode 45: The Magical Snap

    We're back to talk mostly about PowerPets, magical animals that only my kids can turn into. Also we visit Promontory Point, where Ezra and Zella's mommy and daddy got married ten years ago. Brought to you by PowerPets, of course.

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    Episode 44: Brown County Hike

    We hike through the woods of Brown County, Indiana and discuss trees, caterpillars, beavers, tiny frogs, moss, and turtles. Stay to the end for a short outtake. Sponsored by Butterflies and Nature.

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    Episode 43: When Old People Are Born

    Just Zella and Daddy today. We discuss how stuff gets into space, the big bang, the difference between pre-school and Kindergarten, how animals survive, and the reward for a finished dinner. Thanks to today's sponsor, The World.

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    Episode 42: Pokémon

    We're back! Turns out the only way to get Ezra to make another podcast was to make it all about Pokémon. Which he's just gotten into. Deeply. Brought to you by our sponsor, Pokémon.

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    Episode 41: The Fortress

    We climb inside our pillow fortress for a talk all about fortresses. And Abraham Lincoln.

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    Episode 40: Brownstone Love

    We visit Aunt Lilli and Cousin Rufus in upstate New York. We discuss why some people are funnier than others, how trees fall down, what dogs are thinking, how rocks grow, the difference between fur and hair.

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    Episode 39: Everchanging Gobstobbers

    The eating episode! We weigh and discuss our Halloween take, consider the merits of eating paper and trees, and determine what monsters might eat. Brought to you by Halloween.

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    Episode 38: The Invisible Skateboarders

    We discuss our earliest memories, Joey and his troupe of invisible skateboarders, eyeballs, and what we're going to be for Halloween. Plus a special beatboxing performance by Ezra! Brought to you by Rescue Bots.

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    Episode 37: On the Train

    Today we bring the mic onto the L and talk all about trains — how they go, where they go, how big they are, what color they are, and who takes them. Also we talk about the best animals. Brought to you by: train tracks.

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